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Mar 2021

Kauai Shores Accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s global nature makes it ideal for travel at home and abroad. Its digital nature and freedom from large banks eliminate the need for money exchange while traveling. Plus, it has the added security of not being tied to a physical bill, coin, or device that can be lost or stolen. Even more than a…

Feb 2021

Must-Do Tips for Successful Hotel Management

Keeping Your Hotel Ahead of the Game As a manager, you have to keep innovating. The goal: entice more guests to book and also boost guest loyalty. Another goal is to retain hotel employees.  For your hotel to stay ahead of competitors and keep your management approach strategically sound and fresh, here are must-do tips…

Feb 2021

Hawaiian Hotels and Resorts Promotes George Gomes Jr. to Regional Executive Chef

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii  (Feb. 17, 2021) – Hawaiian Hotels and Resorts announced today the promotion of George Gomes Jr. as its regional executive chef for the Royal Kona Resort on Hawaii Island and Royal Lahaina Resort on Maui. The two iconic resorts reopened after expansive renovations encompassing guest room enhancements and upgrades to common areas and…

Feb 2021

Tips to Boost Hotel Sales this Year (2021)

Be Ready for What’s Ahead this 2021  The pandemic isn’t over yet and times are still tough for the hotel industry. If your hotel is still operating today…congratulations! To keep it open for business or to grow it, we’re sharing some tips that will help you in boosting hotel sales this year (2021). Don’t Stop…

Jan 2021

At Royal Lahaina, Empty Rooms Meant Full Speed Ahead with a Refresh

After closing in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the seven months until the Royal Lahaina Resort’s Oct. 15 reopening were filled with various projects to refresh and update the 27-acre property in West Maui. The resort improved its sustainability infrastructure while also revamping the lobby, lounge, pool area, restaurant, and guestrooms. “Once we officially…

Dec 2020

Marin Management, Inc. Adds Three Properties To Hotel Management Portfolio

SAUSALITO, California (Dec. 29, 2020) — Marin Management, Inc., a California-based hotel management company, has added three hotel management contracts to its growing portfolio of properties. The historic Callahan’s Mountain Lodge nestled alongside the Siskiyou Mountains expands Marin Management’s presence in Oregon, with California’s Motel 6 Hayward East Bay and Villa Franca Inn Monterey topping…

Dec 2020

Royal Kona Resort Taps USTA to Manage Tennis Venue, Names New Tennis Director

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (Dec. 16, 2020) – Royal Kona Resort on Hawaii Island has finalized an agreement for the management of its tennis venue. Starting in January 2021, the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) Hawaii Pacific, Inc. will assume management responsibilities for the resort’s tennis club, pro shop, and tennis operations. Albert Murata, a certified U.S. Professional…

Nov 2020

Hospitality Management Tips for New Managers

“A Hotel is only as Good as its Employees” As a hotel manager, you’ve probably heard this saying many times. No matter how beautiful a hotel is, how complete its amenities list, or well positioned its rates, if each and every employee doesn’t provide good service, then the hotel won’t excel. We understand: you’ve got…

Oct 2020

Hotel Remodeling Trends for 2021

Ideas for New and Seasoned Hoteliers The hotel industry is changing quickly, even in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic. There are so many hotel remodeling trends you can apply if your new hotel is still in the works. There are also ideas for current hotels that need some renovation to better attract new…

Oct 2020

Hotel Customer Service Tips to Boost Guest Satisfaction

Your Hotel and the Pandemic This year has been an anomaly as the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant effect on the hospitality and travel industries. No hotel, inn, or resort has been spared. While some hotels have weathered the storm, it is important to remember that the pandemic is far from over. As a…

Sep 2020

Hospitality Marketing Ideas in the Midst of COVID-19

COVID-19 and the Hospitality Industry The hospitality industry knows just how serious the consequences of COVID-19 are; the pandemic has had far reaching effects on airlines, hotels, and other travel-reliant industries. Now that hotels have started to open their doors to guests again, as a hotel owner, how do you market your hotel during this…

Sep 2020

Hotel Promotions During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Hotel Promotions Unveiled As more and more hotels have started opening their doors to guests again, you’ll notice that many have been offering attractive promotions. These promotions are necessary to entice bookings amidst this pandemic, as well as the post-pandemic world. As a hotelier, you’ll want to get a piece of the pie (hopefully a…

Sep 2020

Pat Mitchell Takes the Helm at Marin Management Inc.

SAUSALITO, California (Sept. 11, 2020) — Marin Management, Inc., a California-based hotel management company, announced the appointment of Pat Mitchell as its president, following the retirement of founder John Manderfeld on Aug. 31. Mitchell most recently served as the company’s executive vice president as part of a year-long initiative to ensure a smooth transition to…

Aug 2020

Hotel Pre Opening Checklist: DOs and DON’Ts During the Pandemic

Adapting to the New Normal As a hotelier who wants to reopen your hotel amidst the pandemic, you’ll have to adapt to the new normal. There may be a number of strategies and traditions you’ve been used to in the past that can’t apply to the current situation. This article focuses on the hotel pre…

Aug 2020

Hotel Renovation News for Royal Lahaina and Royal Kona Resorts

Finding a Window for Hotel Renovation during the Coronavirus Pandemic Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, it’s old news that a big number of hoteliers have been hit hard. This has been the result of cancellations, low demand, and the like. Many hotels had to close down or suspend operations. Some decided on doing something drastic like…

Jul 2020

Advice for Hoteliers (Part 2): Hotel Reopening Best Practices for Guest Services

Then vs Now In the past, a hotel without a buffet, or without live entertainment in its bar, would be considered “unthinkable”. Likewise, a hotel with only the bare minimum for linen and room decor could also result in negative feedback. Presently, though, this has become the new normal because of the coronavirus pandemic. If…

Jun 2020

Advice for Hoteliers (Part 1): Hotel Reopening Marketing Strategies

How COVID-19 Has Affected The Hotel Industry The Reality: Hotels left and right have laid off workers. A number even had to close down because of the coronavirus pandemic. If your hotel is still standing and ready to reopen, you’re lucky! You need to learn effective hotel reopening marketing strategies though, to keep your brand…

Jun 2020

Enhancing Hotel Cleaning Standards During the Pandemic

H’O’O MA’E MA’E: The Promise of Clean The Hawaiian word Ho’o ma’e ma’e means to disinfect, clean, or purify. Amidst this pandemic, you can’t deny that cleaning is now on a whole new level. This is especially evident in the hotel and hospitality industry where the risk of developing COVID-19 clusters of infection is HIGH.…

Jun 2020

Aloha Clean Promise – Maui & Kauai

HO’O MA’E MA’E – Our Aloha Clean Promise Ho’o ma’e ma’e is the Hawaiian word to make clean, disinfect, purify, and in the Hawaiian language can take on many meanings including clean house, spiritual cleanliness, clean body and mind, and pure spirit. When we approach one another with the pure intent of helping, and when…

Jun 2020

Aloha Clean Promise – Kona

HO’O MA’E MA’E – Our Aloha Clean Promise Ho’o ma’e ma’e is the Hawaiian word to make clean, disinfect, purify, and in the Hawaiian language can take on many meanings including clean house, spiritual cleanliness, clean body and mind, and pure spirit. When we approach one another with the pure intent of helping, and when…

Jun 2020

Marin County hotel investor acquires Redding Holiday Inn

Credit: Cheryl Sarfaty, North Bay Business Journal. What if you are a hotel buyer in these times? Believe it or not, it’s doable. John Manderfeld, founder and president of Sausalito-based Marin Management, Inc., recently scooped up a branded hotel in Shasta County. “For a hotel like the Holiday Inn in Redding, it would be an…

Jun 2020

Marin Management Adds Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention Center in Redding Hotel Management Portfolio

Credit: Hotel Executive. Marin Management, Inc., a California-based hotel management company, announced that it has signed a hotel management contract with Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention Center, a 125-room full service hotel located near the Shasta Cascade region in Redding, California. Conveniently located near downtown Redding, Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention Center offers the area’s…

May 2020

Hotels and Hospitality: Lessons Learned from COVID-19

What We’ve Learned from COVID-19 It’s been a few months and we’re still facing this COVID-19 pandemic. There were news reports weeks ago of Wuhan in China reopening and South Korea’s COVID-19 cases going down.  Today, there’s news of reinfections in China and South Korea. The reality: the hotels and hospitality industry and other industries…

May 2020

Q&A With Geoff Graf

Q: How is MMI working through this crisis, both with employees and with your owners? What were the immediate steps you took? A: We began working to keep as many employees on staff as possible depending on the individual property and their needs. We have some hotels across our management portfolio that continue to perform…

Apr 2020

Hotels & Resorts Making Improvements in 2020!

While Guests are Away, Our Resort Staff has Switched Gears. Although we may be separated by current circumstances, we are always together and connected by our shared love of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian Hotels & Resorts has been taking this time to not only deep clean each of our resorts, but to also perform…

Apr 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Hotel Industry and How to Survive It

Understanding COVID-19’s Impact Staying positive, staying alert, and staying focused are important if members of the hotel industry wish to lessen the impact of the current pandemic. Unfortunately, not all hotels will survive the COVID-19 crisis, so hoteliers, hotel managers, and the like would have to really understand possible impacts of the virus, carefully develop…

Apr 2020

Digital Marketing Strategies to Build Your Hotel Brand

If you need a reason to invest in building your hotel’s digital presence, consider this: more than 80 percent of travel bookings in 2018 were made online via a mobile app or website, without any human interaction. Today’s guests have the ability to book every aspect of their trip at the click of a button. That means…

Mar 2020

Hotel Crisis Management Plan: Preparing for COVID-19

The Coronavirus Crisis & How Your Hotel Can Survive As a hotelier, you’re aware that we currently have a crisis worldwide. It’s caused by the Coronavirus, NCOV, or COVID-19. The tourism industry has really been hit and this greatly affects hotels, BNBs, resorts: the whole hospitality industry! In this situation,  hotels need to come up…

Mar 2020


Credit: Travel Weekly WITH SIX ISLANDS OPEN FOR EXPLORATION IN HAWAII, COMBINING AT LEAST TWO OF THEM INTO AN ITINERARY CAN PROVE TO BE A BEAUTIFUL, CONTRASTING EXPERIENCE. It’s worth your clients considering a Kauai-Oahu holiday combination – it’s like having two Hawaii vacations in one! Kauai presents a country escape with unmatched natural scenery,…

Mar 2020

Marin Management founder to receive CLIC Lifetime Achievement Award

Credit: Chuck Dobrosielski , Hotel Management The California Lodging Investment Conference plans to give its first Lifetime Achievement Award to John Manderfeld, president and founder of Marin Management. Manderfeld, a more than 50-year veteran of the hospitality industry, revealed plans earlier this year to retire effective Aug. 31. Manderfeld plans to continue in an advisory…

Mar 2020

How to Promote Hotel Health and Safety in the Midst of COVID-19

Preventive Measures Your Hotel Can Take “Coronavirus”, “nCOV”, and “COVID-19” are terms you’ll frequently hear and see on the news nowadays. These terms refer to the infectious disease that began in Wuhan, China. It has spread to different parts of the world, affecting tens of thousands of people. As a hotelier, it’s your responsibility to…

Mar 2020

Tips to Increase Hotel Occupancy During the Low Season

By: David Knight How to Boost Your Low Season Occupancy Rate The low season can make or break your hotel, particularly if you’re operating on less than ideal profit margins. Combine the low season with months of the year that require significant maintenance e.g. during harsh winter months, and what you’ll get is a significant…

Feb 2020

Royal Kona pumps up the volume on Hawaiian musicians

Credit: Tovin Lapan, Travel Weekly After six years of attracting growing crowds for seaside performances by Hawaiian music legends, the Royal Kona Resort has expanded its live entertainment programming. The spark came from singer-songwriter Henry Kapono, who rose to fame on the Islands as a member of duo Cecilio and Kapono in the 1970s before going on…

Aug 2019

2019 World’s Best Mai Tai Revealed At Royal Kona Resort

$17,500 in prize money awarded to bartenders from around the world in historic Mai Tai mix-off Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (Aug. 18, 2019) – The Royal Kona Resort celebrated its 11th Annual Don the Beachcomber Mai Tai Festival on August 17 awarding the $10,000 grand prize to the new Mai Tai World Champion. Showcasing 22 of the…

Jul 2019

Kauai Shores Hotel Earns Accolades From TripAdvisor And Delta Vacations

KAPAA, Hawaii – July 30, 2019 – Kauai Shores Hotel, located on Kauai’s Royal Coconut Coast, has been awarded two quality awards from travel industry leaders. TripAdvisor honored Kauai Shores Hotel with a 2019 Certificate of Excellence, a designation awarded to hospitality businesses that consistently deliver great service and maintain an overall TripAdvisor rating of…

Jul 2019

Royal Kona Resort Appoints New Executive Chef George Gomes

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii  (June 24, 2019) – Royal Kona Resort has appointed George Gomes Jr. as its new executive chef. Drawing upon over three decades of culinary experience, Chef Gomes will oversee all culinary aspects of the resort including tiki-inspired Don the Beachcomber Restaurant and Don’s Mai Tai Bar, home of the world’s best mai tai.…

May 2019

Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch To Host World-Class Doubles Camp Coached By Bryan Brothers

Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch will host an exclusive High Powered Doubles Tennis Camp from September 25 to 29 on Maui, featuring legendary doubles players Bob and Mike Bryan. Widely considered the greatest doubles team in the history of tennis, the Bryan brothers held the world No. 1 doubles ranking longer than anyone else. Legendary tennis player and Olympic coach Tom Gullikson joins the coaching staff along with other top-notch doubles coaches.

Mar 2019

Royal Pacific Air Named Best Private Jet Charter

Royal Pacific Air announced today that its luxury charter service has been recognized as “Best Private Jet Charter” in the 2019 Luxe List by Modern Luxury Hawaii. For the inaugural Luxe List issue, magazine editors gathered an ultimate hit list of the best and most exclusive services throughout the state, showcasing luxurious products, experiences and brands.

Nov 2018

Royal Lahaina Resort Welcomes New Executive Chef

Royal Lahaina Resort has hired Dylan Montano as its new executive chef. Chef Montano will oversee the culinary direction for the hotel’s signature restaurant, the Royal Ocean Terrace Restaurant & Lounge, as well as other food and beverage initiatives.

Oct 2018

Marin Management Inc. Adds Hospitality Suite Resort To Management Portfolio

Hogan Hospitality Group subsidiary, Marin Management Inc. (MMI), a California-based hotel management company, has added Hospitality Suite Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, to its growing portfolio of properties. The 80-room hotel, which will become part of the Ascend Collection by Choice Hotels in 2019, recently completed a renovation that transformed its guest rooms, exterior common areas, and the property’s restaurant and bar, Jaxon’s Bar & Grill.

Sep 2018

Hawaiian Hotels & Resorts Announces Executive Promotions

Hawaiian Hotels and Resorts (HHR), a leading hotel management company operating Kauai Shores Hotel on Kauai, Royal Lahaina Resort on Maui and Royal Kona Resort on Hawaii Island, has promoted five executives on its leadership team.

Sep 2018

Hogan Hospitality Group Acquires Marin Management Inc.

Hogan Hospitality Group acquires Marin Management Inc., a California-based hospitality group managing properties in California, Arizona and Texas. With the acquisition, Hogan Hospitality Group adds 17 hotels, restaurants and spas to its diverse portfolio, with the majority of properties in California.

Aug 2018

World’s Best Mai Tai Revealed At Royal Kona Resort For 2018

The Royal Kona Resort celebrated the 10th Annual Don the Beachcomber Mai Tai Festival on August 18 showcasing 21 of the world’s top bartenders and mixologists as they competed for the title of Mai Tai World Champion. The 2018 Festival crowned Hawaii’s very own Justin Park of Bar Leather Apron in Honolulu, the winner of the $10,000 first place prize and coveted title as the creator of the “World’s Best Mai Tai.” This is Park’s third win in the past seven years, securing top honors in 2012 and 2015.

Jun 2018

Royal Kona Resort Employees And Local Entertainers Offer Support To Puna Residents

In the weeks immediately following the Kilauea eruption, Royal Kona Resort employees initiated donation drives at Don’s Mai Tai Bar during its Thursday music series with local entertainers, Henry Kapono and Johnny Valentine. During the performances, employees collected food and supplies for victims affected by Kilauea’s devastation. The coordinated effort generated two large pallets of food and supplies, and raised over $3,600 in cash. Royal Kona Resort staff recently delivered the donations received to the Puna relief station in Keeau.

Jun 2018

Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch Receives Awards From Top Tennis Organizations

Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch was named Facility of the Year for 2018 by the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) Hawaii division. The news follows recent recognition from Tennis Resorts Online, an online travel guide for resorts and tennis destinations. Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch claimed the top spot for Best Game Arranging in Tennis Resorts Online’s list of Top 100 Tennis Resorts and Camps for 2018.

Jun 2018

Royal Lahaina Resort & Royal Kona Resort Employees Raise $28,000 For Hawaii Charities

Hawaiian Hotels and Resorts (HHR), a leading hotel management company, contributed over $28,000 to the 2018 Visitor Industry Charity Walk, a statewide annual event that engages members of Hawaii’s visitor industry to raise money for Hawaii’s charities. A record number of staff and their families from HHR’s flagship properties, Royal Lahaina Resort and Royal Kona Resort, participated in the walk held on Saturday, May 12 on Maui and Hawaii Island.

Apr 2018

Bryan Brothers To Serve Up Tennis Tips For Doubles At Royal Lahaina Tennis Camp

Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch will be host to an exclusive High Powered Doubles Tennis Camp from September 26 to 30 on Maui, featuring legendary doubles players Bob and Mike Bryan. Widely considered the greatest doubles team in the history of tennis, the Bryan brothers held the world No. 1 doubles ranking longer than anyone else. Adding to the camp line-up is legendary tennis player and Olympic coach Tom Gullikson, along with other top-notch coaches.

Mar 2018

Kauai Shores Hotel To Accept Bitcoin Payment

Hawaiian Hotels and Resorts, a leading hotel management company and member of Hogan Hospitality Group, announced the Kauai Shores Hotel on Kauai’s famed Royal Coconut Coast is now accepting Bitcoin payments for online reservations.

Feb 2018

Royal Kona Resort Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The Royal Kona Resort is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a Hawaii Vacation Giveaway. The grand prize is a five-night stay at the iconic resort in an oceanfront room on the island of Hawaii (Big Island). The prize includes a sunset dinner cruise, daily breakfast buffet and admission to the award-winning Royal Kona Luau for two people.

Aug 2017

Kauai Shores Hotel’s New Management Accelerates Leisure Travel Growth

KAPAA, Hawaii – August 30, 2017 – Hawaiian Hotels and Resorts, a leading hotel management company and member of Hogan Hospitality Group, announced nine new tour operator agreements established in less than three months since taking over the management of the Kauai Shores Hotel. New industry partners for the beachfront property include All About Hawaii, Apple Vacations, Blue Sky Tours, Delta Vacations, Funjet Vacations, Gogo Worldwide Vacations, Pleasant Holidays, United Vacations and WestJet Vacations.

Jun 2017

Hawaiian Hotels And Resorts Expands To Kauai, Now Managing Kauai Shores Hotel

Leading hotel operator to handle all aspects of property management for award-winning hotel on Kauai’s Royal Coconut Coast KAPAA, Hawai’i – June 1, 2017 – Hawaiian Hotels and Resorts (HHR), a leading hotel management company and member of Hogan Hospitality Group, announced today it has entered into a new management contract with the 200-room Kauai…

Dec 2016

Royal Lahaina Resort’s Gilbert Sablas Honored With Po’okela Legacy Award

Guest services manager at Royal Lahaina Resort recognized by Maui Hotel & Lodging Association for a lifetime of service LAHAINA, Hawai’i, October 10, 2016 – The Maui Hotel & Lodging Association honored Gilbert “Uncle Bobo” Sablas, guest services manager at Royal Lahaina Resort, with the inaugural Po’okela Legacy Award at its annual membership meeting. The…

Dec 2016

Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch Awarded Top Honor By United States Professional Tennis Association

Tennis center at Royal Lahaina Resort recognized as top tennis facility in Hawaii LAHAINA, Hawai‘i (October 21, 2016) – Royal Lahaina Tennis Ranch has been named “Facility of the Year”, a prestigious honor recently awarded by the United States Professional Tennis Association, Hawaii division. The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) recognizes and awards facilities…

Dec 2016

Royal Lahaina Resort Appoints Two New Executive Sous Chefs

John McEwan and Jared Krausen to elevate the resort’s culinary creativity and guest dining experience LAHAINA, Hawai’i – October 10, 2016 – Royal Lahaina Resort, renowned for its award-winning Hawaiian hospitality and located on the world-famous Kaanapali Beach, announced the addition of two executive sous chefs to take the helm of the resort’s food and…