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Geoff Graf
Vice President of Business Development
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Mar 2020

Hotel Crisis Management Plan: Preparing for COVID-19

The Coronavirus Crisis & How Your Hotel Can Survive As a hotelier, you’re aware that we currently have a crisis worldwide. It’s caused by the Coronavirus, NCOV, or COVID-19. The tourism industry has really been hit and this greatly affects hotels, BNBs, resorts: the whole hospitality industry! In this situation,  hotels need to come up…

Mar 2020

How to Promote Hotel Health and Safety in the Midst of COVID-19

Preventive Measures Your Hotel Can Take “Coronavirus”, “nCOV”, and “COVID-19” are terms you’ll frequently hear and see on the news nowadays. These terms refer to the infectious disease that began in Wuhan, China. It has spread to different parts of the world, affecting tens of thousands of people. As a hotelier, it’s your responsibility to…

Mar 2020

Tips to Increase Hotel Occupancy During the Low Season

By: David Knight How to Boost Your Low Season Occupancy Rate The low season can make or break your hotel, particularly if you’re operating on less than ideal profit margins. Combine the low season with months of the year that require significant maintenance e.g. during harsh winter months, and what you’ll get is a significant…