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Hotel Pre Opening Checklist: DOs and DON’Ts During the Pandemic

Adapting to the New Normal

As a hotelier who wants to reopen your hotel amidst the pandemic, you’ll have to adapt to the new normal. There may be a number of strategies and traditions you’ve been used to in the past that can’t apply to the current situation. This article focuses on the hotel pre opening checklist you must follow during the pandemic.

Right now, it’s SUMMER! This means that more and more people are traveling and going on summer vacations even if there’s the threat of COVID-19. Summer is a good time for hotels to reopen, but to reopen successfully and to entice people to make bookings in your hotel, you’ll have to be good in both Service and Hospitality in this new normal.

Good Service is part of the hotel pre opening checklist as well as Good Hospitality. What’s the difference between the two? Good Service means being able to offer efficient, convenient, and speedy service to your guests. Good Hospitality, on the other hand, is the art of making your guests feel that they’re welcome and safe! Your hotel should be able to offer BOTH most especially amidst this pandemic.


Hotel Pre Opening Checklist: The DON’Ts

the hotel pre opening checklist

❌ Don’t direct guests to a malfunctioning website or app. What’s the use of promoting your hotel app or website where people are supposed to book conveniently, check-in or check-out, and so on, only for people to fail in doing those things because of the errors in your app or website?

❌ Don’t charge full price when some of your amenities are closed. This is a hotel pre opening checklist “don’t” that you shouldn’t forget. This means that if you used to charge X amount for each guest room because you had amenities guests can enjoy like a spa, fitness center, pool, jacuzzi, etc, it’s not fair to charge the same rate when some or most of those amenities are closed or under renovation.

❌ Don’t forget to implement social distancing. Don’t be lax about it. Implement social distancing not just at the lobby or reception area. It should also be implemented at your hotel’s restaurant, pool area, and so on. You may have to rearrange tables and chairs and would be able to accommodate fewer guests in those amenities, but as they say “Better safe than sorry.”


Hotel Pre Opening Checklist: The DOs

hotel pre opening checklist for hoteliers

✅ Nowadays, your hotel should allow guests to check-in and check-out through their mobile devices. This touchless way of checking in and checking out shouldn’t be missing from your hotel pre opening checklist. What’s great about it is that it guests wouldn’t need to get in line just to check-in or check-out. This helps lessen crowding and the risk of both your hotel concierge and guests from contracting COVID-19 from each other.

Cleaning and disinfecting high traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces and objects more than usual is a must-do! By the way, don’t forget to use CDC and EPA approved cleaning products.

✅ Making alcohol or sanitizers available for both hotel employees and guests is also included in the hotel pre opening checklist. Having soap and water for handwashing easily accessible by everyone in your hotel is also important. After all, you’d want to avoid having clusters of coronavirus infections in your hotel!

For more information and recommendations regarding the hotel pre opening checklist hoteliers should apply during this pandemic, including an overview of the services we offer, check out Hogan Hospitality Group.

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