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How to Promote Hotel Health and Safety in the Midst of COVID-19

Preventive Measures Your Hotel Can Take

“Coronavirus”, “nCOV”, and “COVID-19” are terms you’ll frequently hear and see on the news nowadays. These terms refer to the infectious disease that began in Wuhan, China. It has spread to different parts of the world, affecting tens of thousands of people. As a hotelier, it’s your responsibility to promote hotel health and safety — for both your guests and staff.

COVID-19: How Serious Is It?

hotel health and safety covid-19

Currently there’s still no vaccine against COVID-19. The medication used to treat infected patients is a drug cocktail. A drug cocktail is a combination of antivirals e.g. some used to treat HIV. There’s even some news mentioning how the medications could weaken the heart. People who have diabetes, heart conditions, and with weak immune systems could be at risk for developing complications from COVID-19. Now that you understand how serious this disease is, you’ll realize the importance of having a hotel health and safety plan and implementing it!

Knowing the Symptoms

hotel health and safety for guests

If a hotel guest exhibits any of these symptoms, there’s a possibility that he / she may be infected with COVID-19:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • Runny nose
  • High temperatures

Some of the infected may be asymptomatic (meaning they won’t experience symptoms), or it could take up to 27 days before symptoms manifest. Part of hotel health and safety tips, therefore, is to take extra care at all times, because you’ll never know who’s a carrier, and who’s not.

Hotel Health and Safety Strategies

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You wouldn’t want the virus to spread from one guest to another, or from guests to your staff, or vice versa. Follow these hotel health and safety steps to minimize the risk of starting a COVID-19 epidemic in your hotel:

  • Make sanitizers available all throughout your hotel: by the door, at the reception desk, in the hallways (in every floor), etc. Brief your staff on the necessity of using those sanitizers and also display advisories for the guests about COVID-19, why they should use the sanitizers you’ve provided, and the steps you’re taking to protect everyone’s health and wellbeing while they’re staying at your hotel.
  • Remind your staff that frequent and proper handwashing is important.
  • Aside from the usual room sanitization and cleaning, it’s best to disinfect surfaces and objects that may be touched frequently either by the guests, or by your staff. Examples: elevator buttons, door handles, light switches, the reception counter, to name a few.
  • If a staff is ill, a hotel health and safety must-do is to require your staff to wear a mask. It’s best to also remind your staff to sneeze or cough on his or her elbow, or on a tissue. Allowing your staff to take a sick day also helps prevent infectious fluids from spreading.

Other strategies for uncertain times including hotel health and safety strategies are featured below:

  • Communicate with ownership
  • Update your break even analysis
  • Be transparent with employees
  • Monitor your pace multiple times a day, look for cancellation frequency
  • Reforecast, reforecast and reforecast

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