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hotel cleaning standards during covid-19

Enhancing Hotel Cleaning Standards During the Pandemic

H’O’O MA’E MA’E: The Promise of Clean

The Hawaiian word Ho’o ma’e ma’e means to disinfect, clean, or purify. Amidst this pandemic, you can’t deny that cleaning is now on a whole new level. This is especially evident in the hotel and hospitality industry where the risk of developing COVID-19 clusters of infection is HIGH. As a hotel owner, you have to ensure that your employees follow hotel cleaning standards to a T.

Hotel Cleaning Standards and the CDC

By basing your cleaning processes and practices on the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) Health & Safety guidelines, you have the means to increase protection for your hotel employees and guests. Be one of the hotels that is able to give both your guests and staff peace of mind during this public health crisis.

True, the hotel industry has been built on cleanliness even before the threat of COVID-19 reared its ugly head, but what used to work in the past isn’t enough. You have to level up your cleaning standards!

cleaning standards for hotels

Handwashing & Hand Sanitizers

Per the CDC, washing hands with water and soap is still the preferable method. If your hotel employees and guests don’t have access to soap and water, alcohol based sanitizers may be used. Your hotel should have soaps available for use at all times on restroom sinks, handwashing stations, etc.

As much as possible, there should be hand sanitizer dispensers available for use at your hotel’s entrances, lobby and reception areas, and the like. Touchless dispensers are recommended, with sanitizers containing at least 60% alcohol.

Part of enhanced hotel cleaning standards is reminding your employees to follow the CDC guidelines for proper handwashing and hand sanitizer use at all times.

handwashing cleaning standards

Health & Hygiene Reminders

Both the front and back of the house should display signage that remind people of using face coverings, how to properly wear them, and how to properly dispose them.

Signage about how to avoid infection, using gloves, avoiding face touching, the proper way to sneeze, and washing hands should also be displayed at your hotel.

These reminders should be found at the lobby area at a minimum and other high traffic areas.

hotel cleaning and safety standards

Health Concerns & Reporting

Part of enhanced safety and cleaning standards for hotels is to train your employees on what they should do in the event:

  1.  They feel unwell while at work
  2.  They notice a colleague or guest exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID-19

Employees who are unwell while at home should remain at home or should self-isolate.

Employee well-being checks should also be done in accordance with the CDC’s guidelines.

There should also be signage put up that instructs guests on what to do whenever they:

  1. Notice someone in the hotel exhibiting symptoms
  2. Feel unwell

All hotel employees should also respond quickly and report to local health authorities any probable COVID-19 cases in the hotel.

cdc health and safety guidelines for hotels

Ho’o ma’e ma’e or cleaning standards and procedures for the hotel and hospitality industry need to be transparent. They should follow guidelines set by the CDC. Adjusting to the “new normal” may be difficult at first, but is necessary for our protection and survival.

Let our team at the Hogan Hospitality Group give you more guidance on the right way to do enhanced Ho’o ma’e ma’e for hotels amidst this coronavirus pandemic.

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